Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tilt a world

What a day....what a day. I feel like I have just rode the tilt a world at the fair. I wonder sometimes....why did I decide to ride this stupid ride, knowing I will vomit when I get off? I know it makes me sick. I have been on the tilt a world, at least 100 times. (no exaggeration) Why would I torture myself? Is it because the anticipation of the ride, itself? Is it a challenge to myself, I WILL NOT GET SICK THIS TIME?? Is it because my friend wants to ride, and I don't want to look "weak". Is it because my daughter wants to ride, and I want to make her happy? I honestly don't know.

You know what. I want to ride the ride. I want the experience. I want the rush. I want the anticipation. I want the joy of watching everyone else get sick. INCLUDING ME......Why would I miss this ride.

It brings you up slowly then shoots you like a rocket towards the ground
It twists you and it shakes you before it turns you upside down
You can't see what's around the corner
And you can't look back, so just live it up and feel the rush

Life is a roller coaster ride
Time turns the wheel and love collides
Faith is believing you can close your eyes and touch the sky
So shine while you have the chance to shine
Laugh even when you want to cry
Hold on tight to what you feel inside and ride

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