Monday, May 23, 2011

facing myself

I've recently had some big decisions to make....I hate making big decisions. I don't trust myself to make important life altering decisions. I have made so many mistakes, and trusted in the wrong things. It keeps me from accomplishing my goals and allowing new people or new things to develop in my life.

Today has been a very emotional day. I've cried, been angry with myself, cried, and listened to sad music. And this afternoon...I decided to be honest with myself, and accept the fact, I need to change things in my life. They aren't necessarily bad for me, but take my attention away from my dreams. Distractions. Hurdles.

I can't count how many amazing things have happened in my life recently. I am finally starting to know to do a little polishing. I'm ready to stop feeling unworthy because of my appearance, my past, my "chaos", and my fears.

"Without discipline there is nothing to be proud of". Richard L Kempe