Monday, June 27, 2011

this and that.

tonight....while I was finishing the dishes....I realized, my life is pretty cool. some neat things are happening in my life. I'm not really sure how I feel about some of them...crazy excited about the others. It's like when you are waiting in the grocery line, and the older lady in front of in no hurry. She enjoys the leisurely activity of grocery shopping. She realizes she has forgotten a few things, and "runs" to get them, all the while, you patiently wait. After 30 minutes of you smiling, her smiling, the cashier smiling, you FINALLY get to check out (with your 3 items) You know that feeling when you grab your grocery bag and head to your car? I'm having a lot of feeling like that. Relief. Finally. I'm good to go. Good to go on being happy. on being myself. on being honest. on being calm. on being what I've always wanted to be.

I choose, me. I choose to follow my heart. Taking the most difficult steps, the unknown ones. Waiting, and being content in waiting. Loving, and being loved. Giving, without the getting part. I'm choosing, me.