Wednesday, May 12, 2010

John Hiatt - Have A Little Faith

the natural way

The past couple of weeks have been.....well......they've been educational. I recently started changing my attitude on health. I'm trying to go all natural. Most of you know, I have ADHD, and I decided to stop taking medicine. I'm gaining knowledge on dealing with my little "issues" :) I'm reading every self-help book you can imagine. I wonder what the cashiers at Barnes and Noble think about my purchases. I'm buying books on, "How to Eat the Vegetarian Way," to "Dealing With Adult ADHD," to "Redeeming Love," etc, and so on. It's a fun journey. I really do not want to rely on anything chemical. I'm peeling away the layers of myself, and I want to really KNOW myself. What things I'm passionate about. (nature) What things I don't like. (deceipt)

So....eating the vegetarian way has been hard. I must admit. BUT...I do feel better. Being off Adderall.......I must admit is hard. AND funny. I have laughed at myself more in the past three weeks, than I have in a long time. I feel alive again. And, and little scatter brained. Fun times.

I am in love with nature. I have been thinking about my dad alot lately. He lived in Colorado, and California. He loved nature. Even though I didn't grow up around him, I feel this connection with him. When I am all alone, staring at the stars, with nothing around me, I think about him. I honestly believe I am the happiest when I am outside.

I like getting to know myself. I have so many things I want to accomplish. My "to-do" list is getting really long. I also call this, my Bucket List. Call me an old soul. I don't care. I will share some of my crazy things.........(in no specific order) and remember, this is just the beginning.

go on a road trip across the United States
be homeless for a week
bungie jump (off a bridge)
organize my sock drawer
go to my dad's favorite lake in Colorado
arrange my closet by colors
run a marathon

You get the picture. I believe, anything, and I mean ANYTHING is possible in my life. All I have to do, is get busy.