Sunday, December 19, 2010

what a week.

"what you spend years building may be destroyed anyway." Mother Theresa

I've learned some things this week........

1. life is short
2. people don't know, if you don't tell them
3. listen to the whispering voice
4. i like strangers
5. trust myself
6. selfish is as selfish does
7. i'm not stupid
8. allow myself to be happy
9. how NOT to waste my time on certain people, and that doesn't make me a mean person.
10. silence is sometimes the best speech.
11. actions speak louder than words

I've been sad this past week.....the tired look on my grandma's face, friends not being truthful, the past trying to creep it's way in, missing my daddy, trusting someone who never deserved it, someone trying to take my place, not standing up for myself, feeling like no one understands me.

And the amazing part is, I have peace. I have this voice inside me that says, I am strong enough. Everything happens for a reason....whether it be fate, the will of God, my own drive to succeed, or just happen chance. I am by nature a very fun loving, happy go lucky, positive, bright side of life girl....and no one will take that from me. I love people.

But I gotta get some things off my chest.........I'm tired of people thinking they can abuse my niceness. My carefree spirit is not stupid. I am learning to stand up for what I believe in. I will not allow myself to crumble to make someone else happy. I think it's funny when people put me down, to lift themselves up. I will never be that person. Using cutting words and manipulation to make me feel less.....I'm done with that.

I choose love. And I may get hurt in the process, but I will allow myself to love again. To laugh at myself. To live.

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